Welcome to the Ampuku Academy Japan

Whether you are interested in a training to become a professional practitioner,
or you are already a manual therapist looking to enrich your practice with the Ampuku skills,
or would like to attend a foundation course to improve your own health and wellbeing,
the Ampuku Academy Japan has courses for you.

Ampuku is a traditional Japanese Manual Therapy, firmly rooted in the principles of East Asian Medicine.
Although it is sometimes referred to as Abdominal Acupressure, Ampuku treats the whole body.


It is a whole-body therapeutic treatment with special focus on Hara and meridian work.

All our courses are in the Hybrid In-Person and Virtual format.
The online lessons and videos support the In-Person courses and can be accessed at any time by the students.

We are a division of the Shinzui Bodywork International Institute

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